Subscription for healthy food

Kring enables subscription for lunch in the office or desired location.
Ensure your daily supply of energy for productive and successful day.

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  • Quality and healthy food

    Without compromising the quality of raw materials Kring offers food prepared by methods of Ayurveda, R.Shtayner, Sri Chinmoy, Petar Deunov and others. .
    It is good for vegetarians, vegans, diabetics, athletes, children and all fans of delicious food. Check how it affects your health.

  • Lunch Menu 6 days a week

    Each day a different proposal for a soup, main dish and two desserts.
    End of compromises with food due to bad weather or lack of time.
    Plan your lunchtime enjoyment.

  • Cost-effective

    The desired combination: big portions were combined with low prices.
    Transportation is free by day order over 70 lev, regardless of the amount for the week.